Alexander Oligerov's project «Art-topography or the Parallel World maps»
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The concept of the project

Many art critics and art lovers look through the albums, visit the exhibitions trying to understand the artist's world, to come into it, to travel in it discovering the secret places nobody knows yet. Everybody knows that this parallel for reality world is huge and the painting or the fresco is just a little opened window into that world.
At first sight the paintings of my project belong to the abstract art.
But for the people who stops and watches carefully at them I open the window into that world wide with broad gesture giving an opportunity to see our world like the birds see it from the height of their flight. Yes, suddenly my paintings become the topographical maps or photos of fantastic beautiful and enormous in colour or in relief landscapes from the height of five-seven thousand meters. I offer You not only to travel but also to settle that world not with cars and plants, but with Your feelings, fantasies and mood.

Choose for Yourself the map of such land You would like to live in, give it Your name or the name of the person You love. Soon You manage to give the names for all the bays, the mountains and the rivers on Your map. You come into flora and fauna of that new world and then we realise that the settling is succeeded well.
In spite of the fact I work with every map rather carefully and for a long time, it will be printed only for one buyer, the pioneer. After that the file will be destroyed.
P.S. Perhaps, later You find time and send me the list of all the names You gave to Your land and waters in order for me to put them (together with the small picture) into the general register of all the assimilated lands, which is settled on the second page of my site
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