Alexander Oligerov's interactive oil-painting project «Wings». Colorful modern Art
«WINGS» project og Alexander Oligerov
The mission & concept of the project «Wings»
The idea of the project is simple, but it can be interesting not for You only, but for the majority of the passers by who are going under Your windows. I paint the wing on each my new oil-canvas, but it is not a real wing of the bird or the butterfly, but it is only its image or motion. Every wing-painting has got its pair, but not a symmetric copy. It is quite an independent work different in color and in composition, but there is no doubt it forms the relative pair for the first wing. By Presenting and selling of my Wings in different cites and countries I wish to acquaint the persons who has bought the wings from one and the same pair. I believe for the person who has hung Wind on the wall of his home it is pleasure to realize that in another country there is an another person he doesnt know ( perhaps, the prince from Brunei or the teacher from Ireland ) who has chosen the wing from the same pair. And it proves that their souls either the relative ones or similar much.
«Wings of desire»
«Wings of the butterfly»
And it means that above all the conventional borders and barriers there is an invisible but strong thread. This thread goes from the concrete person with one end and, thanks to anonymous, comes into the huge field of human culture with another end.
«Seasons wings»
«Night butterfly»
«Wings of heaven and earth»
«Wings of the night city»
«Wings of angel»
I hope in these strange and conflicting days my idea and the painting-wing as well bring warmness in the soul of every person. The wing is the thing our flight, the flight of our soul does not exist. So, fly up over vanity!

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